Holiday Types
Gold Crown Resort procures inventory through privately held leases, advance bulk purchase, wholly-owned property, and through contractual agreements with over 900 inventory providers worldwide.

In addition to our Registry of Resorts, Gold Crown Resort offers date-specific inventory (in a variety of sizes). Members are encouraged to click on the links displayed to view additional options.

Member to Member
Member's can book resort
accommoodations directly with
other members.

Book Direct
Member's book
accommodations directly
with GCR providers.

Hot Weeks
Maximum cost:
Weeks available up to
11 months in advance!

All-inclusive resorts will
typically include main
meals, some snacks
on-site entertainment, and
non-motorized sports.

Prime Weeks
Maximum cost:
Week-long Resort
Prime Weeks may include
larger unit sizes, peak
travel dates and locations.

Endless Holidays
Maximum Cost:
Week-long Resort